Design Structured Cabling Systems and IT Network Infrastructures
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Design Structured Cabling Systems and IT Network Infrastructures
Structured Cabling
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Structured cabling defines a generic telecommunication wiring system for commercial buildings, and comprises the cabling, connectors and accessories used to connect local area network and telephone system equipment within a building. It breaks cabling systems down into two main elements, horizontal wiring and vertical (or backbone) wiring. Structured cabling standards define the media, topology, termination and connection points, and administrative practice to be used.

Structured Cabling is the core element of the corporate network and it is important that your solution is designed and installed correctly to ensure that it meets your requirements for today and for the future.

Joining PCs together to form a Network is nothing new.

Computer Networks are essential for small businesses, they enable users to work collectively on applications and data while sharing resources such as printers and Internet access.

Resonance Ltd have experience in designing small and medium sized computer networks using CAT5e, Cat6, Cat7 and Fibre optic cable. We can carry out single point installations up to anywhere in the Bulgaria.

Why do you need a Cabled Network?
■Ability to share printer & Internet access
■Share files and applications quickly
■Safe & Secure

Resonance Ltd  design your network and carry out the structured cabling installation using our own team. We can carryout Single Data Point installations on request, no job is to big or to small.

Whether you’re building a network from scratch, or thinking of improving your existing network architecture; Resonance Ltd offers network survey consultancy to its customers.

We will help you by Identifying any potential issues with existing networks and recommending solutions, designing new network architectures and recommending technologies to enhance or improve your network.

Resonance Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining structured cabling systems in secure and non-secure environments for commercial and retail customers. We are certified by major manufacturers of copper, fiber, and wireless systems and components.  We support large and small inside plant and outside plant requirements, from single outlet service calls to multi-building design and installations in campus environments. We provide comprehensive project documentation, including test results and as-built drawings.

Manufacturers of copper, fiber, and wireless systems and components for SCS:

Reichle & De-Massari Bulgaria EOOD


Panduit Corp.


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